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Hesman – The legend reborn

An species outside the space is planning to annex neighboring planets to suck energy. The earth is in the sights. The invasion on the earth pushed the human into the brink of perdition. Because of this urgency, humans are forced to ask for help from the cosmic hero HESMAN. A legend has been long disappeared. The battle between right and evil begins.

Season I: Including 10 episodes.  24 minutes in each episode

– Episode 1: The Origin

– Episode 2: Professor Z

– Episode 3: Behind the galaxy

– Episode 4: He is a man

– Episode 5: Rescue the city

– Episode 6: Ground base

– Episode 7: Mutated species

Р Episode 8: White energy

– Episode 9: The beginning is also the end

– Episode 10: Regeneration

The Hesman Project is in a pre-production period. The film is expected to produce in 12 months and will be released by the end of 2021. This is the desired product base on the Netflix platform.