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Welcome to the leading company in Vietnam specializing in 3D animation and AR/VR production. From rich 3D animation to interactive augmented reality, we deliver services that exceed our customers’ expectations. Let us transform your ideas into reality in a vibrant and colorful world.




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Our mission

We offer services that raise your business above the expected. With our efforts, Plus Studio aims to provide effective solutions for clients, particularly in the digital age.

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100% Client satisfaction is our priority competitive production capacity consulting from the leading team in the industry

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Rich experience

With the experience of producing many projects, we are confident with our flexible production process and experienced personnel.

Great client support

Customers will be supported throughout the project by experts of Plus Studio.

Impressive solution

Technology and techniques are researched exclusively by Plus Studio, bringing breakthrough products.

Competitive product quality

Plus Studio confidently brings quality products that exceed customers' expectations.

Flexible prices

Plus Studio brings products that fit the needs and budgets of customers.

Top industry specialists

More than 50 experts who have more than 10 years of experience in the industry continuously follow the project.